Here’s what it’s about and why I wrote it.

The church in America is badly divided. Christians are fighting over politics, morals, theology-you name it, we’re angry about it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can fight less and love more. How?

We must stop using CAPITAL letters when we talk about hot topics. CAPS imply anger, shouting, a closed mind. It’s time to SCRAP THE CAPS. Instead, we must use little letters. They require patience and nuance and aim at building a broader tent.

What big topics need little letters? Let’s start with conservative, liberal, LGBTQ+, abortion, calvinist, arminian, heaven, and hell. We can stop arguing, fighting, and canceling each other, if we will learn to use little letters. Here’s your guide to 101 words that you can talk about in love.

This is the link to the e-book onAmazon. The paperback version will come out soon.