As Covid marches on, two sectors of our society continue to show sacrificial courage: first responders and healthcare professionals.

Those in the healthcare field have given their all to people with the coronavirus, whatever the strain. They’ve given care in offices, ERs, urgent care clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, and rehab centers. At the same time they have been caring for people without Covid, offering the highest level of care to each one. They have literally risked their own welfare on behalf of all of us. 

First responders have done the same. Firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics go into homes to render life-saving emergency aid, knowing they could be infected with the virus as they serve. Law enforcement officers have kept order in the most hostile political and social climate I’ve seen since 1968, when assassinations, protests, and riots were daily news. Were 2020-21 as bad as 1968? I don’t know, but being a police officer either time would be a tough task. They risked their own welfare on behalf of all of us.

When someone risks their life for you, what is the appropriate response? Thanks! 

It seem so obvious. But sometimes we forget.

Luke records a fascinating story in chapter 17 that will help us remember. Here it is.

One day in the spring of AD 30, Jesus was walking toward Jerusalem with his disciples. When they came to the border between Galilee and Samaria they were about to enter a village. Ten men with leprosy suddenly appeared and cried out, “Jesus, heal us!” Jesus said, “It shall be so! Go to the priests, & let them pronounce you clean.” As they walked away, their leprosy disappeared! 

Now what do you think they did? I know what would do. I would celebrate! I would find my family and friends and give them a great big bearhug. I would go to the market, where I had been spat upon, and I’d show everyone my normal skin. I would go to the synagogue and let them know I would be front row center on the next Sabbath. I would go everywhere that I had been forbidden to go. I’m guessing that’s what those men did. At least, that’s what nine of them did. But one of them, a Samaritan, did something different. As soon as he saw that he was healed, he ran straight back to the Healer. He fell on his face at Jesus’ feet and thanked him over and over and over. Jesus, who was a whiz at math, asked his disciples, “Didn’t I heal ten? Where are the other nine?”

That’s the question for you today: are you one of the nine who forgot to say Thank You to healthcare professionals and first responders? Or are you the one who stopped to say I’m grateful for you.

Do you owe some overdue Thank You’s? It’s not to late to be the one.