In the midst of the Covid pandemic, some people made life easier and better for all of us. When the virus was at its worst, they were at their best. Despite being unnoticed and often taken for granted, they kept showing up and working. It’s time to say a collective Thank You.

Who am i talking about? Essential workers.

During the boring, numbing days of COVID quarantine, they were the ones who stocked the grocery shelves and filled our pick-up orders. They picked up our trash. They watched our little ones. They served us in fast-food lines. They deposited our checks. They waited on us at garden shops and office stores. They cut and styled our hair. They changed the oil in our cars. They delivered our mail. They delivered our dinner. Your life worked because they were working.

I spoke to bank teller a few months ago and thanked her for being an essential worker over the previous year. She said, “Well, I had to come to work … but I wanted to help people!”

I hope you will pause to thank essential workers for all the ways they have served and continue to serve you.

If you want to find our how serving others is a posture God calls all of us to take toward others, and how we thanked essential workers, check out my message from last week.

And if you want a glimpse into what it’s like to be an essential worker at a local fast food franchise, don’t miss the serious/silly video starting at 29:12.

Let’s say Thank You … Let’s serve …