We live in a World of Wow! There are certain people whose talents and gifts are so rare that when we see what they can do, we stand in awe. Only superlatives can describe them: Awesome! Fabulous! Wow!

It’s how you feel when you watch Olympic athletes, American Idol winners, or National Spelling Bee champions. Wow! How can they do such amazing things?!

But when you look at yourself, the comparisons aren’t favorable. I’m not like that … I’ll never be like that … What does that say about me?

We can’t get away from the World of Wow. But as Christ-followers, we must learn to think differently. After all, what if we’re reading the wrong playbook? What if we’re taking cues from the wrong guide? What if the World of Wow is upside down from the Kingdom of God, and God’s Kingdom is right-side up?

What if every believer in Jesus is gifted and talented, including you?

What if God has designed you to use your gifts and talents to serve him and his children?

What if God is calling you to embrace and use the gifts he’s given you, for his glory … for the benefit of others … and even for your own joy and fulfillment?

Last Sunday I took a deep dive into 1 Corinthians 12 and unveiled six life-changing truths about how God has made you. Interested in more? Here’s a link to my message. Let me know if it helped you.